Lead and Manage People
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Lead and Manage People

Leaders who can inspire and motivate their teams are the foundation of any successful organization.

Whether you're a new or experienced leader, "Lead and Manage People" will give you the tools you need to be successful. It is developed specifically for current and aspiring hospitality leaders, from supervisors to executives.

In the Lead and Manage People course, you will learn how to lead and manage people effectively, build commitment in your team, and create a high-performing workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

Model high standards of performance and behaviour

  1. - Act as a positive role model through individual performance.
  2. - Show support for and commitment to organisational goals in day-to-day work performance.
  3. - Interact with team members positively and professionally.

How to develop team commitment and cooperation

  1. - Develop and communicate short-, medium-, and long-term plans and objectives consistent with organisational goals in consultation with the team.
  2. - Communicate team members' expectations, roles and responsibilities to encourage them to take responsibility for their work.
  3. - Encourage teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches to work.
  4. - Model and encourage open and supportive communication within the team.
  5. - Seek and share information from the wider business environment with the team.
  6. - Represent team interests in the wider business environment.
  7. - Seek feedback from team members and implement changes within the bounds of organisational goals and policies.

Manage team performance

  1. - Delegate tasks and responsibilities, identify barriers to delegation, and implement processes to overcome the identified barriers.
  2. - Evaluate team member skills and provide opportunities for individual development.
  3. - Monitor team performance to ensure progress towards the achievement of goals.
  4. - Provide mentoring and coaching to support team members.
  5. - Motivate individuals and teams to achieve optimum performance.
  6. - Provide recognition and rewards for team achievements.
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Duration (mins) : 180

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