Control Stock
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Control Stock

This course provides comprehensive guidance on controlling and maintaining stock levels and records. It emphasizes the significance of efficient stock control and ordering processes in various industry sectors such as tourism, travel, hospitality, and events.

By implementing effective stock handling procedures, businesses can greatly influence their financial well-being and overall success. The course covers a range of topics from utilizing stock control systems and equipment to monitoring stock security, informing colleagues of their stock ordering responsibilities, maintaining accurate stock records, and analyzing stock performance. Throughout the course, you will learn practical techniques, industry-specific considerations, and best practices to meet organizational requirements and enhance productivity.

Learning Outcomes:

Monitor stock receipt and dispatch

- Implement organisational policies and procedures for receipt, dispatch and secure storage of stock.

- Allocate tasks and monitor staff to ensure organisational procedures are followed, and documentation is completed correctly.

- Confirm that stock quantity and quality inspections on receipt meet organisational standards.

- Act on variations to quantity and quality of delivered stock.

- Supervise safe stock handling and storage.

Maintain stock records

- Monitor stock and maintain stock at required levels.

- Maintain, monitor and adjust stock reorder cycles as required.

- Provide clear information to team members about individual stock recording responsibilities.

- Maintain stock storage and movement records.

- Record and report stock discrepancies.

- Monitor stock performance and identify and report fast and slow-selling items.

Process and follow up orders

- Process and raise stock orders according to organisational procedures.

- Monitor delivery of stock to ensure agreed deadlines and inventory requirements are met.

- Liaise with suppliers to ensure continuity of supply.

- Resolve routine supply problems or refer to appropriate personnel for action.

- Distribute stock within the organisation according to required allocations.

-Handle routine supply problems or refer to management as required by store policy.

Minimise stock losses

- Regularly check storage of stock and ensure its protection.

- Identify, record and report stock losses.

- Identify avoidable losses and establish reasons for them.

- Recommend solutions and implement procedures to prevent future losses.

Coordinate stocktake or cyclical count

- Explain procedures for stocktake and cyclical counts to team members.

- Allocate stocktaking tasks to individual team members, ensuring effective use of staff resources to complete tasks.

- Provide team members with clear directions for the performance of each task.

- Produce accurate reports for management on stocktake data, including discrepancies.

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Duration (mins) : 180

Course content

  • Lesson Control Stock
    • Maintain stock levels and records
    • Process stock orders
    • Minimise stock losses
    • Follow-up orders
    • Organise and administer stocktakes
    • Control Stock Test